"A panel of experts, from each sector of the franchise world will share their top tips with you... answer your questions and help you make an informed decision on the way forward "



Ian McIntosh,

CEO RED Driving School

RED is today the leading franchised driving school with over 1300 instructors all of whom are self-employed franchisees. They operate under the RED brand umbrella and enjoy high hourly lesson prices due to the quality and service that is synonymous with the brand. Ian, who hold masters degrees in engineering and business, joined the RED business as CEO in May 2012 with a mission from the owners, private equity firm Kelso Place Asset Management, to help drive the development of the school and building of the brand.

Franchising Commercial Property


Jasmin Crilly

Head of Commercial Property

Jasmin handles commercial leases , lease assignments as well as the franchise arrangements. She works for franchisors and franchisees across a wide array of sectors: retail, opticians , fashion, food , technology & property. She will highlight the pitfalls and common concerns in leasing retail property in a franchise context covering aspects of essential provisions to be negotiated with a lessor or their managing agents. Consideration will also be given to steps which can be taken by franchisors in order to protect its position regarding franchise sites within the territory of England and Wales. There will also be licensing considerations if the chain involves regulated services, service of alcohol or other council licensing requirements & with the commercial team these too are covered.



Jon Fordham,

Relationship Manager accredited in Franchises.

Jon became accredited in Franchise Finance 2 years ago and he strives to work closely with his customers providing them support with their on going financial needs. Over the last 2 years as a Franchise Accredited Relationship Manager Jon has helped numerous Franchises scale their businesses utilising his vast knowledge of Franchise operations and supporting their aspirations of growth through providing finance. He can advise you on what the bank is looking for , how you can prepare yourself to receive finance , how you meet the criteria for lending and how best to approach the banks.


Don Lyon

Time For You Franchisee

After Studying Chemistry at University, Don taught Science and Maths at a string of 6th Form colleges. Here he discovered the ‘Yellow Bag Syndrome” but admits that he was too young and inexperienced to take advantage of it. He then qualified as a solicitor and spent 10 years in Law and then left to work in pharmaceutical advertising, eventually becoming Copy Chief at Ogilvy HealthWorld. After moving on to become MD of an engineering company for 7 years he took up a Time For You domestic cleaning franchise. It is this latest venture that has provided his most rewarding experience to date and has allowed him to at least dream of fulfilling his admittedly crazy final ambition (at the tender age of 57) of applying to Medical School to qualify as a doctor.


Sean Conlon

We Make Footballers

After founding the company Blue Baboon Digital (which offers UX consultancy to companies such as EE and British Red Cros) Sean Conlon and his brother, Joseph, utilised their digital marketing skills and passion for football to form a coaching company for children, called We Make Footballers. Having become one of the largest soccer schools in London, the next logical step for the company was to set up as a franchise organisation. In just two years the company now have 12 locations across Manchester and London and are rapidly expanding, with plans to open another 10 centres this year. Sean will be able to give his thoughts on what it takes to turn your company into a scalable franchise and how you will know if a franchise is right for you!


Franchise Commercial Solicitor


Jackie Watts

Senior Associate Commercial Solicitor

Jackie is a specialist commercial solicitor that handles commercial agreements, negotiations, investment and within this a key role is franchises. She specialises in getting the best deal for her client ; negotiating terms that protect her client ; secures investment with them if required ; advises on the risks, nuances and commercial terms preferred in the industry. She recently handled a multi-jurisdictional franchise arrangement of 10 new franchises in the UK. She handled the franchise transactions, employment contracts, TUPE advise, staff policies and licences. She will discuss the key provisions that are standard in the contract between the franchisor and the franchisee and how both parties can protect their respective positions.

Tax & Accounting


Barry Leibovitch

Tax Partner

Tish Leibovitch accountants and business consultants has been established since 1991 servicing a wide area of industries:property; corporate finance; the service sector;the construction industry; manufacturers; and retailers. It has a large portfolio of franchisee clients and will lend his experience to the panel and talk about the benefits of putting good accountancy practices into place , making the structure as tax efficient as possible and recount cautionary tales of why it is important to seek professional advice early. They can assist with business plans, finance structures, budgeting, payroll and tax advice which are all essential to develop and guide your franchise forward.


Who should attend & why?

Those that have had enough of their regular 9-5pm job; had a baby & cannot face returning to work or just bored & need a new challenge. Lets see if a franchise is an option that suits you? A Franchise arrangement can open a whole new world to you, but are you genuinely ready and capable of successfully embracing a new business? Are you a business owner and want to consider franchising your business - is this a good idea? What is involved ? Is this for you?

Below are just some of the questions that will be addressed & of course our panel is there to answer your questions too

Why a Franchise over a new business?
Are you right for Franchising?
Brexit – doom and gloom for franchises?
How can I stand out and have a Franchisor choose me?
When is the best time to open?
How can I stand out and have a Franchisor choose me?
How much working capital do I need?
Does this contract permit me to sell my business?
What exclusive rights do I get?
What does your head office organisation consist of?
On what basis do you choose your franchisees?
For how long is the franchise granted?


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“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison

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Book your place NOW for this exclusive event "Demystifying the Franchise" from “The Franchise Club”.