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George joined the firm in 2010 and has been an integral part of its expansion. He is a senior associate solicitor working in our Dispute Resolution and Commercial Departments.

Skilled at identifying the right strategy, George brings home commercially sensible solutions for his clients, adopting a robust approach if required.

Dispute Resolution

George has gained extensive experience running a wide variety of files for a diverse range of clients. He handles civil and commercial litigation including disputes relating to:

  • Cross-border and debt recovery
  • IP, including passing off claims and trademark infringement
  • Landlord and tenant, and neighbour
  • Cohabitation
  • Enforcement and appeals
  • Injunctions, from proprietary to those protecting against harassment.

George has experience representing clients at court, including the Royal Courts of Justice, but his priority is to try to reach favourable settlements for his clients before significant legal fees may be incurred – a feat that he often achieves, which leads to a steady flow of repeat business.


George also assists new enterprises get established. He advises clients on what they need in place to trade and operate, avoid disputes and withstand legal due diligence.

George has solid experience drafting important commercial documents including: business terms and conditions; policies; shareholder agreements; non-disclosure agreements and IP assignments. He also provides seminars to new businesses advising them of potential pitfalls in setting up and preparing for investment.

George draws on his litigation experience to help clients navigate internal company disputes and commercial transactions including acquisitions and joint ventures.

About George

George is married and has a son. He enjoys playing football, chess, running and in 2010 he became a tennis coach (Instructor level) with the Professional Tennis Registry.

Provides seminars to businesses on getting ‘investment ready’ and managing cashflow.

Lead role in the successful High Court claim for a proprietary injunction and the recovery of misappropriated funds and data in addition to costs.

Secured favourable settlement for client in major shareholder dispute.

Lead role in a claim for an injunction, which resulted in settlement for substantial damages to a property in Mayfair worth approximately £45m.

Successful enforcement of a debt from a Belgian company through a European Order for Payment, resulting in the recovery of 287% of the principle amount due to interest, penalties and recovered costs.

Key role in the High Court case of Friends of Burbage School Ltd v Woodhams [2012] EWHC 1511 QB which resulted in the successful recovery by a charity of monies for which a trustee was held to account.

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