Our knowledge and experience within this area means that you are provided with the necessary advice and strategies to optimise any investment into your business.

This ranges from helping you carry out the due diligence, prepare your documents, value your business to securing an actual investor.

Our services include:         

  1. Preparing your business for investment - including re-structuring your company and issue of new shares, securing your IP and making sure your documents are in order;
  2. Advice on due diligence in terms of what you should be asking/checking on the investor and also what to expect them to ask of you;
  3. Assistance with disclosure, including preparing your disclosure letter whilst protecting your confidential information;
  4. Drafting your Investors Agreement and any accompanying documentation;
  5. Negotiating your Investors Agreement;  
  6. Preparing all necessary company resolutions and filings;
  7. Making sure you get sound tax advice at the correct stages;
  8. Through financial partners check that the offer is reasonable or help you find a new suitable investor; and
  9. Advise you on all types and options of investment from equity release, to corporate bonds, debt financing and share options.

We understand the concerns you will have, the anxiety of giving up control versus the excitement and need for cashflow and expansion monies. We are proactive but will keep your feet on the ground to protect you.