Gibraltar and London Associate Offices

A City Law Firm Limited in Gibraltar

We have teamed up with a reputable firm of solicitors and tax advisors in Gibraltar who have the same proactive outlook and varied experience. Our consultant solicitor was trained and qualified in london and is still SRA regulated. She , like her team, have well known and established roots in Gibraltar, as well as the having UK practising certificates. They have an established client base and reputation , which extends to advising government and they are even entrusted in drafting its legislation. We have spent a long time establishing a relationship in order to securely provide our mutual clients across the global with sound professional representation throughout the two jurisdictions. Working together in partnership we can now offer UK, Gibraltar residents and international clients the following services:

(1) Incorporation and management of a company or trust in Gibraltar, including opening bank accounts

(2) Advice on the advantages of moving your company or your own personal assets/income to Gibraltar

(3) Cross border contracts or disputes can be addressed easily between the offices

(4) Employment contracts whether moving to the UK or to Gibraltar or moving between the two we can offer advice on the jurisdictional aspects; terms themselves, benefits and statutory rights. We can advise on which rules apply to you

(5) Draft a UK or Gibraltar Will or Trust

(6) Investment financing through Gibraltar

This can be done through the security of a London regulated solicitors firm who you can come in and meet. We will carry out the due diligence required to save you the paperwork and need to go to Gibraltar. We can offer you a UK engagement letter, insurance and everything will be carried out in Sterling pounds and UK law.

We have many Gibraltar companies employing our services in London and vice versa we advise and represent a number of companies setting up there.

We can handle all your cross-jurisdictional needs