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Successful talk by Alia Ali and Jacqueline Watts on: "Startup Law: An Overview"

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A City Law Firm are your local London solicitors based in the heart of the City of London EC2A. We act for clients throughout London and the UK, as well as many overseas entities. We are all about customer service, because, to us, our clients are much more than mere numbers. We will ensure that you receive a high level of service which is personalised to your particular legal need. We provide each of our clients with a dedicated client manager who will be responsible for ensuring that you receive straight-talking, accessible and easy-to-understand legal advice. Read more about us...

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How damaging divorce can be for a businesses and what owners can do to safeguard their venture!

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My partner took out a loan so I could buy a motorbike – now she's told me to pay her back in full or hand ...

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Franchises and Commercial Leases

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Protecting your assets: Start-up to Divorce

You work hard to start your own company and invest time and effort into making it work, only to have problems either with fellow colleagues ...

What’s in a name? Just Google it! 

Google has become so renowned and ingrained in our daily lives that it’s the first thing that pops into your head when you want to know ...