Albert Kennedy Trust

A City Law Firm has teamed up with The Albert Kennedy Trust to sponsor 20 years of successful services. The firm actively supports and promotes the Trust’s work and its objectives.

The brochure attached offers complimentary advice in relation to your estates and tax planning and offers all sponsors fixed/discounted fees for your Wills, Tax Planning and any other legal services or account services you may require. We have provided this brochure, in conjunction with our affiliates, Alliotts, to provide key information to the Trust’s sponsors in a hope to continue to promote the Trust’s excellent work and look after those that help them.

The Trust’s accomplishments

The Trust was established to perform a very important role within the Gay Community. In that it supports LGBT young people (aged 16-25) who are homeless or living in a hostile environment due to cultural, religious or other constraints. Many of these young people have been rejected by their parents or bullied at school or shunned by their own community members simply for being brave enough to come out and be their true selves.

The Trust provide:

Safe and supportive homes through LGBT Carers through their Supported Lodgings Schemes;

  1. More informal support; by helping young people build positive independent futures through a mentoring & befriending scheme;
  2. Advice information and support by phone, face to face or email: to help young people secure their own tenancies, employment, training or support them returning to education;
  3. Opens up opportunities for young people to become involved in relevant activities making them feel valued through the Tomorrow’s Leaders training and volunteering program; and
  4. Training to ensure other people and services are providing gay friendly support through their Quality Assurance Tools bringing people and business together to develop an understanding of the problem these young people and the community face everyday in order to collectively respond and resolve these problems

If you would like to support their work by making a donation please do so online at or if you are able to volunteer please call 020 7831 6562 or visit The Trust needs on-going support and we as a firm actively encourage you to help.

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