Business Package

In-House Counsel Services; Legal Audit Packages and Executive Advisory Board Seat

Companies at every stage of the business lifecycle have day-to-day legal needs.  These needs can be preventative or reactive and include setting up basic company processes, handling data protection, business risk assessment, contract review and negotiations, global regulatory impact analysis, employment issues, commercial leases, compliance and even managing outside counsel.

Some of businesses maybe technology based and need specialist governance and advice; others regulatory and compliance advice and, those in the hospitality and retail sector (more than ever), need commercial and reactive legal services imminently.

So, why hire one general lawyer or several law firms – with us you will receive all the knowledge and specialism under one roof.

The Vision

Our experience has shown us that a focus on proactive and preventative “in-house” legal support not only promotes business growth and stability but can save substantial profits. We can help reduce overall legal spend, mitigate losses, help with debt recovery and cash flow, help deal flow by offering immediate access and concise advice as well as avoiding legal  disputes, compliance and regulatory issues which lead to business distraction.As your dedicated in-house team, you will have your own lawyer available to support you, who really understands the business and management team. Importantly they will offer value add with a wealth of specialist knowledge and resources by way of a fully operational legal back office team.

The Offering

If you are not in the position to hire a HR manager and in-house legal team,  rather than overspending on law firms and not getting bespoke specialist advice tailored to your business, you could have access to an entire specialist team that sits within your business with a senior solicitor leading the work as opposed to a junior associate which you’d get with a large law firm

What we offer has been set out below and you can take up the basic or more enhanced offerings, as and when, your business requires it. The price is tailored specifically for you and your needs rather than us selling an off-the-shelf product.

Current survival

We know that the current climate is changing daily and businesses, need to react and adapt daily. This means uber resilience in the running of your business is of the utmost importance. We can help with immediate issues like: home-working policies and data protection practice reviews; debt recovery and advice on breach of contract as you or the other side cannot perform the services due to either frustration or force majeure ; review of your potential insurance claims ; furloughing staff or self-employed contractors; redundancies/settlement agreements. Meantime, you continue to adapt and work on securing new and ongoing business free from distractions around this.

A Virtual Audit Service

We will arrange a video conference with the founders, HR and/or other key personnel to ensure we get a full picture of the business and its needs. Our aim is to become an extension of your business so getting under the skin of the unique dynamics is key to us.

We can set up a VPN or drop box to access your documents and carry out a full legal audit and review, thereafter, producing an action plan and thorough report. The report will show us if anything is missing, requires amending/updating and a unique action plan will be agreed.

Alternatively, you can target our efforts on what you know you need right now – be it a commercial v legal decision; re-negotiation of a lease or deal or a swift closure of a deal/investment.

We provide a variety of functions. This list is not exhaustive but is illustrative of some of the most common business needs:

  • An assessment of current risks and liabilities (contractual and/or operational)
  • An assessment of process maturity and controls
  • n evaluation of your current processes and documents
  • Insurance policies for business interruption and advice on application
  • Risks to the Business cashflow or growth
  • Detail around regulations/compliance in play for your business
  • Analysis of “opportunities” in key financial and operational risk areas
  • A strategy to execute against opportunities as approved by leadership team
  • Hands on support and leadership to drive strategy execution
  • Data Protection and Homeworking policy updates Employment strategy in the current climate or managing exits or layoffs ; Brainstorming for business opportunities and re-negotiations Restructuring


We can guarantee that, after the reports are produced and updated, that we meet monthly to monitor andadjust, track progress or roll this out amongst your team and follow-up compliance.

We can look to revaluate the position weekly and report on opportunities, legal updates, changes needed and revert on what is proving effective.

Help listen and advise on commercial decisions and opportunities.

We can sit on your board and help facilitate board meetings if you need on the spot immediate advice or second opinion, if your business is facing regular changes.

As lawyers for the company we can offer independent views, rational advice and guidance to all the board members

Key Benefits

We believe there are many benefits to this model:

  • A dedicated resource that is embedded in and understands your business
  • Legal advice aligned with your strategy and objectives, but entirely impartial
  • Access to specialist advice at a fixed rate cost
  • Line of sight to risks key across your company
  • Custom strategy to mitigate or remove those risks and/or reduce cost
  • Real-time view of material laws impacting your business
  • Reduced costs with a view to prevent loss, mitigate expenses and promote growth
  • Predictability regarding legal spend
  • Hard cost savings with respect to outside counsel bills

Why us

We have numerous awards for our specialist work, but mainly they are for innovation, adapting to the market and opportunities and it is this entrepreneurial and commercial experience/flair you need from an advisor.

We have 12 years history of heavily assisting start-ups, medium and large firms thrive, export overseas, sale or secure funding and ourselves having survived the 2009 financial crisis, we know how to adapt.

Our friendly team are proactive, supportive and yet have a real wealth of experience having worked for thousands upon thousands of businesses. They’re handpicked from the top 100 firms and have a thirst for entrepreneurialism.

We care about our client’s and our aim is to make you grow and thrive. Our track-record and  our testimonials are testament to this.

Rob – Brave Sparks Limited

Not only is the work and results excellent, but behind the suits there are human beings.

Before working with ACLF, my experience with law firms had lacked collaboration. I felt like I was just another client, being fed off the shelf solutions that didn’t fit my needs. Tired of the dry, inflexible, gibber-babble I’d encountered in other firms, I knocked wearily on the door of Karen and her team.

What I found inside was rejuvenating. Smart and agile legal solutions built around my business’s requirements, and advice explained in a down to earth, easy manner. We’ve used them across multiple areas – from acquisition to litigation to general housekeeping.

In my eyes A City Law Firm, is the only City Law Firm.



We are open to be as flexible as you need – you can hire us 1 day a week or 1 day a month or just 1hr

You can pay hourly, daily, fixed fee or a monthly retainer.

Our fees are tailored to what you need, when you need it and how you want us to deliver it.


We realise these are tough times and we believe in coming together and helping.

Contact our Client Manager Lucy for a bespoke quote, after a free consultation to assess your needs