COVID-19 Business Resilience 150 Package

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We are partnering with businesses to help them survive this crisis and to come back stronger.

We are offering our Business Resilience 150 Package to keep your business on track.
For the discounted rate of £150 +VAT you can choose either:

1. A Furlough letter to your employees
2. A Redundancy letter to your employees
3. A standard debt recovery letter to a third-party owing an undisputed debt
4. Letter to a landlord or freeholder asking for a lease variation with regard to rent
5. A review of any force majeure term(s) in your contract
6. A review of your business disruption terms in your insurance policy to confirm if  you are covered and, if so, for what in terms of COVID-19
7. A draft clause to insert into your contracts or leases to protect you due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 that still allows you to contract with third parties and continue to trade

To get your business affairs and your personal affairs in order, contact: