Current COVID-19 Restrictions

On 22 September the Prime Minister introduced new ‘lock-down’ rules across the country, with further regional restrictions being implemented as and when needed. The new measures have been announced in an attempt to stop a second wave being as devastating as the last.

It is still advised to wear a face covering and practice social distancing in most public settings and fines of £200 can be issued for failure to wear a face covering when using public transport, shops, theatres etc. More information about when to wear a face covering can be found on the government website.

Unfortunately for us, the changes are sometimes difficult to keep up with, as Boris’ father will testify to!

So, we have produced a short overview on the new rules:

  • Office workers, who can work from home, should be doing so;
  • Pubs, restaurants and bars are to close by 22:00, each evening;
  • The hospitality sector should provide table service only;
  • Face coverings will now need to be worn in taxis and hire vehicles;
  • Retail and hospitality staff must wear face coverings at work;
  • Customers using indoor hospitality services must wear a face covering unless seated to eat or drink;
  • The rule of 6 will have fewer exemptions, with a ban on indoor team sport;
  • The return of spectator sports will not be carried out; and
  • Weddings and receptions are capped at 15 people.

In addition to these rules, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Warrington and Hartlepool have been hit with further restrictions, namely that It will be illegal to meet in settings like restaurants and pubs.

It has also been advised that residents in the above areas only conduct essential travel, limit all but essential visits to care homes and that they do not attend any sporting events as spectators. Please check the government and your local authorities’ website for any specific rules relating to your area.