Our team offers specialist employment advice to help those who have suffered or are suffering in the work place. We can help you follow the employer’s internal procedures or take action in the Employment Tribunal, but the ultimate goal is to resolve matters to your satisfaction, where possible, quickly and in a cost effective way. We offer specialist advice on Settlement Agreements and can often negotiate better terms and monies already set out in the Settlement Agreement provided.

  • Do you need initial Employment advice without the pressure to write a huge cheque?
  • Do you want to know if you even have a case or the contract is worth-while negotiating before incurring significant costs?
  • Do you want to meet the lawyer who will be handling your matter before you commit to instruct?
  • Do you have a draft Settlement Agreement?

We don't hard sell, our costs are transparent and given upfront and we act for you and what is best for you. We will not encourage you go to a Tribunal unless it is absolutely necessary and you have a reasonable prospect of success otherwise we will settle your claim to your advantage.

If you have been unfairly dismissed, offered redundancy and thus a Settlement Agreement, faced discrimination or been harassed or bullied read more about the processes involved in our guidance notes and contact us for a free initial chat.

If you have a contract or offer letter or a claim against you for breaching termination covenants or confidentiality for example send us the relevant documents and we will have a cursory look and a chat with you before proceeding to an instruction. In some cases we can offer no-win-no fee arrangements.

Whatever the issues we are here to help and have a proven track record at successfully resolving matters for our client's benefit.