Why do you need a lawyer?

Employment law is a constantly evolving area which catches out many employers, often leading to very expensive mistakes being made. We can offer you the best advice and protection, ensuring that your business conforms to the necessary legal requirements and preparing you for the disputes or problems that will invariably, at some stage, arise.

We draft tight restrictive covenants and other employment terms in order to protect you against unforeseen issues that may arise. We can educate your HR department or managers on changing regulations and procedures, and will be on hand to guide them through those issues - be it redundancy or unfair dismissal claims, TUPE or disciplinary matters. We draft and advise on Settlement Agreements and can negotiate these on your behalf.

You will always have access to a solicitor by email or telephone for free advice before or as you make a decision. We hope to help you prevent a problem before it arises by being on-hand to guide you through the steps, but if a problem does arise we will immediately step in and control the issues and guide you through to a resolution.

We have a proven track record of acting for both employers and employees, and this varied workload helps us adopt an open and informed perspective. We aim to avoid an Employment Tribunal by preparing your documents and your staff, but if the need arises we will represent your interests and conclude matters as swiftly as possible.

Fixed retainers and free consultations are available please contact our Client Management Team for more information.