Has your employee brought a grievance or claim against you; or do you anticipate one because you are going to dismiss them or start disciplinary proceedings?

Why not speak to one of our employment solicitors immediately who can give you confidential advice and information preferably before a claim is made and hopefully in order to avoid one!

We specialise in guiding employers through grievance and disciplinary procedures whether it is an action brought against them or an action they are taking against their employee.

We can make sure your HR team or you, as a line manager, are fully up to date on the rules and options available to you; and understand what you should be doing, what documents to disclose and what timescales you should follow. We can prepare draft letters and documents to ensure they are keeping with the employment regulations; draft compromise agreements if mutual termination is agreed or prepare redundancy packages to ensure that they are not mistaken for dismissal manoeuvres. 

We can negoitate with employees during a dispute and try and resolve matters by means of a settlement agreement or we will help you dismiss them fairly and in line with the rules.

We can prepare ET3 defences for claims that are issued and represent you if a Tribunal hearing becomes necessary.

If buying or selling a business we advise on TUPE (transfer) rules for employers to avoid unfair dismissal claims; we can draft redundancy packages that avoid such claims and if you want to change your employees contracts we can advise you beforehand so you are not in breach of the contract.

Whatever the problem feel free to call us for an initial chat so we can assist you before the problem goes to far.