What is an injunction?

An injunction is a Court Order compelling a party to do or refrain from doing a certain act. So if your employee has taken your client data base and is soliciting your business or using your logo or design you need to act fast to enforce any restrictive covenants in their employment contract with you.

It is a remedy and will only be granted by the Court if damages, or any other remedy, would be insufficient for you. Once granted, non-compliance of the Order amounts to contempt of Court.

Why would you need one?

Very simply, to protect the confidential information of your business that you, within reason, fear will be leaked to competitors. The acquisition by your competitors of your company's trade secrets, client lists, web designs and other confdential information can have a severe impact on your business.

If you move fast enough, an injunction can be the most effective way of stopping confidential information being leaked to your rivals.

Act quickly!

If you suspect breach of confidentiality by existing or ex-employees then we would advise that you seek our advice immediately. We will ensure that your application for injunction will reach the judge as soon as possible, giving you the best chance of protecting your business interests.