A City Law Firm Discussion Panel from 12:00 to 13:00 - at the Business Funding Show 21st Feb

Karen Holden Founder of ACLF
Karen Holden Founder of ACLF
How to be legally prepared for your investment round
Stephen Hemmings  Tax Partner at Menzies
Stephen Hemmings Tax Partner at Menzies
How to make the incoming funding tax efficient & what is EIS
Jackie Watts Head of Commercial Law ACLF
Jackie Watts Head of Commercial Law ACLF
Why is it helpful to plan the founders exit now as well as the investors

Get ready for funding

Pre-due diligence why this helps you get ahead of your competition and encourages investment. Top 10 tips to be legally prepared.
EIS and other tax efficient structures encourage investment, offer alternative debt funding and alleviates tax along the way.
What is an investor looking for; what mistakes are common when pitching; tips during investment rounds and after receipt of the funds.
Why is important to know and discuss your exit plan now?
What provisions should you be considering in your structure and corporate documents to make way for this exit plan?

Compliance Partner
Compliance Partner
Why cant just anyone promote my investment offering, if a broker does and it goes wrong is there any fall out?

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