The Gay Business Association is the voice for gay and lesbian businesses across the UK.  Originally formed in the1983, the Gay Business Association was set up as a trade association to fight the inequalities that were faced from authorities.

GBA has been working with other groups to win legal equality, today the GBA is a modern day chamber of commerce.

The GBA focuses on providing networking opportunities to make valuable business contacts, training for LGBT professionals in legal, marketing, business development and employment issues.

The GBA works together with the Government and others to develop the gay market and encourage gay-owned start up companies.  They also focus on creating a regular email newsletter, hold monthly networking meetings, and arrange training and support in areas of interest to LGBT professionals.

The seminars and social events that the GBA run are open to any member, their staff and clients, customers and friends.  Anyone interested in becoming a member of the GBA is also welcome to come along either as guests of another member of for a small charge that is refunded when their membership is accepted.  The meetings are usually held monthly with the exception of August and December.

The group is under-going radical changes to help improve the business opportunities of the community and updates will follow shortly.


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