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Voted top Legal 500 for our specialist Surrogacy services.

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Updated Press Release:

Further Press Release 25th September 2019: Freddy McConnell known by the press ‘as the man that gave birth’ fights for equality Karen Holden is the founder of A City Law Firmjudiciary.uk/judgments/r-on-the-application-of-tt-v-the-registrar-general-for-england-and-wales-and-others/"As a firm that champions equality we are of course disappointed at the ...


Award-winning London-based lawyer and Founder of A City Law Firm, Karen Holden, has been invited to gain Freedom of the City.

She was presented with the certificate at Guildhall on Friday 17th May 2019.A City Law Firm (ACLF) launched in London ten years ago and quickly became the go to firm for scale-up businesses, entrepreneurs in the disruptive markets and the ...


State Zero blockchain accelerator

Excellent full packed event, standing room only left. 20 exciting #businesses pitched to the panel for constructive feedback & #investment.Honoured to host the panel & feel such good energy in the room at State Zero blockchain #accelerator. The key points ...


A City Law Firm appointed to handle merger

Merger with  Kin Capital  Enterprise Investment Partners  Enterprise Incubator Consultancy  We are delighted to have been the firm that was appointed to handle the merger of Kin Capital, Enterprise Investment Partners and Enterprise Incubator & Consultancy. This merger was announced officially last week and ...


CashFlow its an issue for every business

CashFlow its an issue for every business. Our founder was asked to speak with other CEOs as a legal adviser & business owner to offer her top tips. NatWest sponsors spotlight sessions with Mary Portas.'' ''


9 game-changing laws that transformed women’s lives

There has been an incredible revolution over the past 100 years, which has transformed the lives of women. Opportunities have been created, expectations have been surpassed, and women are working to (successfully) achieve equality.Changes in the law have empowered women ...


What a Cyber Attack looks like- Prevention and Tips

The recent global cyber-attack wreaked havoc at dozens of NHS trusts and hit thousands of computers in over 150 countries.The NHS trusts that were affected have been criticised for not adding the patch despite warnings from NHS Digital a month ...


How damaging divorce can be for a businesses and what owners can do to safeguard their venture!

Have you secured your ‘business pre-nup’? Read here how to protect your business should the worse happen when you are in business with your spouse...It is proven that divorce enquiries in the UK jump in January, rising by as much ...


Brexit: Should we be worried?

A City Law Firm – Awarded ‘Innovative Law Firm of 2016 London’We pride ourselves on being the ‘leading entrepreneur law firm in the City of London’, offering our clients alternative options, out the box ideas as well as traditionally sound ...


My partner took out a loan..now she's told me to pay her back!

My partner took out a loan so I could buy a motorbike – now she's told me to pay her back in full or hand over the bike, what are my options?By Rebecca Rutt for thisismoney.co.ukTwo years ago my partner ...


Looking to invest in a company for your Entrepreneur Visa?

There are many people who will refer you to companies and accountants that can take in your investment, but these agents often take a referral free for doing so, but make no real attempt to check whether that company is ...


Protecting your assets: Start-up to Divorce

You work hard to start your own company and invest time and effort into making it work, only to have problems either with fellow colleagues or, more personally, at home.  So how do you protect your assets when either starting ...


What’s in a name? Just Google it! 

Google has become so renowned and ingrained in our daily lives that it’s the first thing that pops into your head when you want to know the answer to almost anything. “Google it” has become an in-built reaction to being asked a ...


Why have a shareholders agreement?

You have a great concept or product, funding and perhaps a friend, relative or colleague that wants to join forces with you. The key to any successful business is good advice, support and above all appreciate the risks, liabilities involved ...


Employers Settlement Agreements

We can meet you immediately & honour costs offered by your employer. Professional, proactive and experienced in negotiating settlement agreement terms.What is a Settlement Agreement formally known as a Compromise Agreement?A 'Settlement agreement' is a legally binding agreement which is considered a ...

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