Natalie is truly an asset to A City Law Firm and indeed her profession

"We were the gay intended parents in a UK surrogacy arrangement. The relationship between us and the surrogate mother broke down early on in the pregnancy. We contacted A City Law Firm just before our son was born with concerns surrounding how we were being treated and the birth plan for our child and we were put in touch with Natalie Sutherland.

Natalie acted on our behalf from that moment. When our son was born, the surrogate indicated her intention not to hand our baby over to us. What followed was an extremely difficult 6 months. Natalie was there for us every step of the way. Surrogacy disputes are rare, however Natalie’s knowledge in this area is unparalleled; she provided us with exceptional advice and knew exactly what to do and what the next step should be.

Natalie is approachable, friendly and has a no nonsense attitude. As our case developed, Natalie helped us to prepare for court. This included lodging the appropriate applications as well as making her way through a very large amount of evidence and she turned what we were thinking and unable to express into exceptional written format. She was always available to answer our numerous questions and gave us clear, knowledgeable answers and advice. We were incredibly impressed that Natalie was able to see aspects of our case that we were blind to - being in the middle of it. Natalie immersed herself in our case and she knew it inside and out. She worked tirelessly to ensure we had the opportunity for the best outcome possible. She constantly gave us reassurance, no judgement, and was always there to help. Natalie also instructed an experienced barrister for our case.

A Parental Order is the desired outcome for any surrogacy agreement and in our case, consent for such was not given and therefore was not something we could obtain. This put us in a different area of the law and the outcome at court that we got was the best that we could have hoped for. The surrogate has had her Parental Responsibility restricted and our son is happy and healthy in our sole care.

Natalie is truly an asset to A City Law Firm and indeed her profession. We would highly recommend Natalie and A City Law Firm to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate, stressful situation of a family legal battle"