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A City Law Firm is an award-winning law firm based in the City of London and Croydon. We pride ourselves on our friendly and approachable team who are on hand to help and support you and your business.

We work closely with many start-up businesses , scale-ups, those seeking investment and more established businesses. We hope to go on a journey from start to end or growth. We understand the business needs, at each key stage, especially when it comes to legal documents, cash flow and protecting your brands. We offer a range of packages which can also be tailored to your business needs and budget.

Our prices are tailored to be fixed or capped so you always know what you are paying and can effectively budget. Our flexible payment options will also help you to manage your cash flow.



£4000* (essential) £5000* (premium) subject to terms, third party costs & applicable VAT

Essential payable 50% upfront – rest on completion - Premium & bolt on 50% plus monthly retainer

Bolt on services, discounted services and costs are detailed below


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StartUp Essential

StartUp Premium

An Initial comprehensive meeting to discuss your business yes yes
Exclusive invitation to all our events yes yes
Access to a dedicated client manager and a solicitor yes yes
Consideration for SEIS / EIS or R & D funding / investment / introductions to our network yes yes
Complimentary calls / emails to finalise draft documents yes yes
Company incorporation and advice on the best entity yes yes
Drafting a standard shareholder’s agreement and Director’s Service Level Agreement yes yes
Drafting policies: Website terms, privacy, data protection & cookies yes yes
One Data Protection policy (GDPR) for staff/clients/security and retention of data yes yes
One consumer / client terms and conditions (protecting cashflow, against PI and IP) yes yes
NDA for your confidential information to pass to this parties yes yes
Advice on your Intellectual Property: Inc one registered mark-1 class in the UK (extra marks/classes can be offered at a discounted rate) yes
Draft NDA & Assignment or licence for your IP yes
Distribution agent contract or contract with a shop/outlet/concession for your product yes
Employment law advice drafting a standard GDPR compliant contract of employment or a sub-contractor/consultancy agreement; yes
Advice on what policies you may require for staff and self-employed contractors (not drafting but advice and check list) yes
Out of hours calls / emails subject to reasonability to discuss above and emergency work yes
Help structuring the business for advanced assurance SEIS/EIS if seeking investment yes

StartUp Essential

StartUp Premium

Bolt on

Retainers are offered depending on the client’s needs so you spread these costs over 12 months.

Individual Company documents

Company registration From £200 plus VAT
Bespoke Articles of Association From £1000 plus VAT
Shareholder Agreement From £1500 plus VAT
Director Service Agreement From £750 plus VAT
Employment contract From £750 plus VAT
Option Agreement From £1000 plus VAT

Individual Commercial documents

Franchise agreements From £1500 plus VAT
Joint venture agreements From £2000 plus VAT
Business terms and conditions From £750 plus VAT
Website terms and conditions From £500 plus VAT
Supplier Agreement From £500 plus VAT
Distribution or marketing agency agreement From £1500 plus VAT

Data Privacy/ GDPR

GDPR package which includes:

  • General Data Protection policy
  • Data Retention policy
  • Data Security policy
  • Employee Data policy
  • Recruitment Data policy
  • advice note; and
  • executive summary
From £1500 plus VAT
Privacy Policy From £350 plus VAT

Intellectual Property

Trade mark application From £350 plus VAT
Please note*
The Start Up Pack is intended as a general overview of those legal issues that are likely to be relevant to a start-up to a business in England and Wales. The package includes bespoke drafting for your individual business and subject to board of director’s consent if protracted issues arise on the drafts we reserve the right to amend our fee. The package does not include advice on contentious matters or litigious matters or where overseas branches and jurisdictions need to be covered, which we can do outside the scope of this pack. Disbursements are third party fees and are not included within this package. Instructions will be subject to satisfactory KYC checks.
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This is for non-trading companies or those that have been trading a very short time or have no income or documents. Investment of less than 150K already received
£4000* (essential) £5500* (premium) subject to terms, third party costs & applicable VAT

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This is aimed at those businesses under-going investment for 250K -500K who have documents already in place . Those that do not have legal documents will receive a bolt on cost for drafting
£5000* (essential) £7500* (premium) subject to terms, third party costs & applicable VAT