Orders for the child ‘to visit ‘or ‘spend time’

If you have separated from your partner or spouse and have children together, you may wish to ascertain how you stand regarding how often you can see your children and living arrangements for them.  It can be a very emotional time for the couple splitting up and of course for the children involved. Discussions regarding children and the continuation of parenting after deciding to live separately can be emotive and distressing. We aim to apply a sensitive approach to matters raised within such discussions and to assist in applying a practical, legal solution.

The first steps in any dispute regarding children is to try and approach to the other party and reach agreement.  This may be through solicitors or through mediation where possible.  

If this is not successful, an application to the Court may be necessary to decide where the child or children shall live and how much time should be spent with the other parent.  This is governed by the Children Act 1989 and you will be applying for a Child Arrangements Order.

Prohibited Steps Orders and Specific Issues Orders

Should you experience other difficulties such as your former partner carrying out or intending to carry out a particular act you disagree with or require them to undertake a certain action in respect of the children we can advise and assist you in relation to Prohibited Steps Orders and Specific Issue Orders which are also governed by the same law above.

At A City Law Firm we specialise in disputes involving children and we understand how difficult and stressful it can be for you and for the family as a whole. We will provide you with sensitive and constructive advice throughout, with the aim of achieving a satisfactory outcome for you and for your children.