At A City Law Firm, we understand that making the decision to have fertility treatment and undertaking the same can be an extremely emotional time for all those concerned.  We are able to provide you with clear and supportive advice both prior, during and after the treatment in terms of donor agreements; advice on fertility law; co-parenting arrangements; surrogacy; adoption or parental orders.

The law in relation to fertility treatment is complex and technical and can apply differently in a variety of different circumstances. It is therefore important that you receive clear advice prior to treatment whether you are a single parent or a married/unmarried couple.  Alternative family structures and gay parenting has become more accessible but it is important to understand your rights and the procedures.

Whatever your circumstances, we are able to provide you with clear and constructive advice in relation to the legal consequences of egg sharing, conceiving with donor eggs or sperm and your legal status as a parent and gay parent whilst always taking into consideration the wider issues as a whole which affect you and your family.