As the volume of international trade increases A City Law Firm have developed a niche expertise in cross-border disputes, whether for straightforward debt recovery claims or in relation to more heavyweight trade and business disputes.

Cross-border disputes raise a number of specialist issues on which we are well qualified to advise, including questions of jurisdiction (in which country or countries can your claim be brought?); questions of forum shopping (in which country would it be most advantageous for it to be brought?);  and enforceability (will a Judgment be recognised in another country's jurisdiction?)


Whether you need to enforce a UK judgment in the EU, for example by use of an European Enforcement Order, or outside of Europe through a Convention; reciprocal Treaty, A City Law Firm have both the experience and the expertise to assist.


We have access to a number of professional translators if necessary, and a network of associated law firms from countries around the world, in particular the EU, who can assist with the implementation and enforcement of our cross-border work or assist with dispute resolution goals. So if you have a business litigation matter or debt recovery issue please give our dispute resolution team a call.


All of the above enables us to take action against foreign parties in their own jurisdictions or act against UK parties on behalf of foreign clients.


Our aim will always be first and foremost dispute resolution where possible.


We have experience pursuing claims in Canada, Kuwait, South Africa, USA, Dubai, Europe: Cyrpus, Croatia, Austria etc. 


We have won a case against a Canadian University, Emirates airways and a successful hotel chain.