State Zero blockchain accelerator

Excellent full packed event, standing room only left. 20 exciting #businesses pitched to the panel for constructive feedback & #investment.

Honoured to host the panel & feel such good energy in the room at State Zero blockchain #accelerator. The key points from myself and investors when pitching were:

  • Tell a story and show passion to engage your audience;
  • Clearly display what the problem is your solving and why you’re unique;
  • Don’t hide away about talking about your competitors;
  • Make sure your figures are clear, appear achievable as such evidenced;
  • Be clear that you're scalable;
  • Be clear on what you’re asking for, what this is going to be used for and potentially an exit plan for the investment;
  • If you have a set time prepare slides and a pitch specifically for that time slot so you’re not rushing or skipping over information and finally show confidence & don’t be afraid to shout about your teams credentials or achievements.