A Series of International Surrogacy Webinars

for UK IPs (Intended Parents) to help you on your surrogacy journey

Filmed 26th March 2020: All facts and information provided correct at that date.

A City Law Firm surrogacy specialists have teamed up with Canadian Surrogacy and Fertility Lawyers Ellen Embury and Rachel West of Carbert Waite LLP, to answer key questions for UK intended parents for you to understand : process;  what you should be doing now before embarking on your journey; costs & benefits of Canada over other jurisdictions ; and how we can support you throughout your journey.

Ellen Embury and Rachel West are two of the best known and respected surrogacy lawyers in Canada. They have one of the largest surrogacy practices in Canada. This is a unique opportunity to hear about the whole international surrogacy process, from both the Canadian and UK perspective from leading legal specialists.

A City Law Firm is a Legal 500 surrogacy practice that has been working in fertility law for well over a decade and has experience in working with professionals all over the world to help UK IPs. We offer advice on employment law, Wills and Trusts, immigration and, if anything does go wrong, Karen Holden, our founder, who has been granted Freedom of the City for her pioneering work towards equality, is no stranger to navigating the courts to re-tip the balance as necessary.

If you would like a consultation with Ellen we are very happy to set up a follow-up private consultation. Please just contact lucy@acitylawfirm.com who can arrange a private video conference direct into your home.

Canada: Click Here to Schedule a 1 Hour Call with Ellen OR Rachel

We can arrange a private video conference direct into your home with all of our professionals.

For more information on how Covid-19 is affecting international surrogacy, please see our joint article with professionals from Canada, the USA and the Ukraine: [HERE]

  • For more detailed information download as shown “Anticipated Expenses for Surrogacy and Egg Donation in Canada”
  • A City Law Firm’s guidance for how we operate to assist you with all surrogacy journey’s home or away; and
  • Ellen Embury and Rachel West further Surrogacy Information

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