Second in the Series of Webinars: International Surrogacy

Surrogacy in the USA : An informative webinar for UK Intended Parent (IP's) to help you on your surrogacy journey

Contemplating Surrogacy? Confused about which country?

In our series of webinars on surrogacy we discuss the benefits of the USA.

A City Law Firm, leading surrogacy law specialists, have teamed up with American surrogacy and fertility attorney Molly O’Brien from the International Fertility Law Group and Richard Westoby from the San Diego Fertility Center, who are leaders in their fields across the States, to answer key questions for UK intended parents for you to understand and hear the answers to:

  • What is the legal process in the USA and when you return back to the UK?;
  • What should you be doing now before embarking on your journey?;
  • What are the anticipated costs and what will the surrogacy contract include?;
  • How paying the surrogate commercially in the USA affects your UK Parental Order;
  • The benefits of the USA over other jurisdictions and its synergy with UK fertility law and legal system;
  • The experts explain how they can support you throughout your journey and what their role is; and
  • What can you do now despite the Covid-19 travel ban?

Our Experts

Moderated by Karen Holden the Founder and Managing Director of A City Law Firm. The firm was established by Karen 12 years ago and is a practice which is recognised for its entrepreneurialism and equality work, especially in alternative family structures and its pioneering work for changes in the law.

Molly O’Brien

Partner & Fertility Attorney at Law
International Fertility Law Group Inc.

Fertility law USA attorney Molly began working in the field of assisted reproduction technology (ART) in 2005, at an egg donation agency and a surrogacy agency where she became familiar with all aspects of in-vitro fertilisation, egg donation and the financial aspects of surrogacy. Since becoming an attorney in 2011, Molly has drafted and negotiated surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation and embryo donation agreements for hundreds of her clients all over the world. Molly has represented numerous domestic and international intended parents before U.S. judges to finalise parental rights and has extensive experience in obtaining documents required for intended parents returning home with their infant(s) born via surrogacy to their home countries and has received a court appointment as Guardian Ad Litem for unborn children to be born via surrogacy. Molly works across most jurisdictions in the USA and works closely with UK IPs in their international surrogacy journeys


Richard Westoby
San Diego Fertility Center

Richard is very well known as a father of two surrogate children and is the representative of the San Diego Fertility Center. The Center creates thousands of families by providing leadership in the field of advanced reproductive technologies, In-Vitro Fertilization, third-party reproduction, andrology, and research. It is leading in surrogacy with a worldwide reputation . Its commitment is to provide technology in a private and personal environment using intelligence, integrity, and innovation. They support IPs from the UK and work closely with ACLF to support you through your journey

A City Law Firm is a Legal 500 surrogacy practice that has been working in fertility law for well over a decade and has experience in working with professionals all over the world to help UK IPs. We offer advice on employment law, Wills and Trusts, immigration as well as surrogacy and, if anything does go wrong, Karen Holden, our Founder, who has been granted Freedom of the City for her pioneering work towards equality, is no stranger to navigating the courts to re-tip the balance as necessary.



Follow-up consultation with the experts

We can arrange a private video conference direct into your home with all of our professionals. Just contact us to arrange: 

Please also watch our other webinars , in the series, if you are unsure about your jurisdiction . The first covered Canada , the next will be the Ukraine.

All our providers are leaders in their field , A City Law firm, only works within an Eco-System it trusts , with competitive fixed fees, packages or ad hoc advice , surrogacy and others areas included such as your Wills, Employment rights and Immigration, we will help to ensure a smooth and successful journey.

Read our testimonials or pioneering case law studies as after 12 years in this area we know how to get things done, but we do not charge what the other larger less personal firms charge , call us to see how we can help you.

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