International Surrogacy

Advice for UK intended parents considering surrogacy in the USA

Karen Holden

Is the Founder of ACLF a Surrogacy Legal 500 Law firm.
They specialise in international surrogacy and obtaining UK parental Orders.
Karen’s role is assisting intended parents if something goes wrong so she has your back.
From partners separation, surrogate changing their minds, delays caused by illness or Covid 19 as examples.

Bianca Martin

Is a UK specialist surrogacy solicitor.
He role is from before you commence your journey until after you arrive back in the UK she guides and support you.
She advises, coordinates and prepares for your parental order to ensure a smooth journey.
She has been practising family law for 7 years and been with ACLF for 6 years
She works closely with immigration and your overseas lawyers.
You are in stable and experienced hands.

Victoria Ferrara

Is an experienced USA surrogacy and fertility lawyer who specialises in USA surrogacy.
She has handled hundreds of UK intended parents' surrogacy arrangements in the USA.
Her knowledge, history, passion, and competitive fee structure make her extremely sort after.
She liaises with your UK lawyers, the agent or surrogate, and the clinic throughout navigating you through the entire process from start to finish.