Zoombombing the pro and cons of technology

Is your Business’s Data Protection policy and its procedures up to date and secure?

As agile tech enabled companies now work more frequently remotely , like ACLF , we have become more reliant on video communications such as zoom.

We at ACLF take client privacy very seriously and our data protection and cyber security policies have always been at the forefront of our minds. As such with this new issue of zoombombing we have taken additional precautions.

Such as:

  1. not using our Personal Meeting ID and instead, using a per-meeting ID, for extra security; 
  2. Enabling the “Waiting Room”  and disabling ‘ join before host’ feature so that you can see who is attempting to join the meeting before allowing them access. 
  3. When everyone is in the meeting lock it to avoid further unwanted access.

It is a Federal offence in the USA , whilst in the U.K. its breach of Computer Misuse Act 1990 and the Data Protection Act 2018.  

At ACLF our Data Protection specialists will audit , amend or draft your policies and advise you on secure procedures . As an agile firm we have been adapting and working remotely for some time so we understand the importance of having this clear and transparent policies in place for staff and clients alike.