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Voted Most Innovative Law Firm as we advise these specialised businesses and understand their unique needs such as acting quickly, but concisely.


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Voted top Legal 500 for our specialist Surrogacy services.

In the UK, Canada/USA amongst areas covered.


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CashFlow its an issue for every business

CashFlow its an issue for every business. Our founder was asked to speak with other CEOs as a legal adviser & business owner to offer ...

9 game-changing laws that transformed women’s lives

There has been an incredible revolution over the past 100 years, which has transformed the lives of women. Opportunities have been created, expectations have been ...

What a Cyber Attack looks like- Prevention and Tips

The recent global cyber-attack wreaked havoc at dozens of NHS trusts and hit thousands of computers in over 150 countries.The NHS trusts that were affected ...

Transgender Rights: Harassment and Discrimination in the workplace

Late last year we fought a case for a transgender woman who was being discriminated against and harassed by her employer and colleagues. This woman ...

Divorce: What happens to your pension?!

 A pension feels very personal and the thought of your ex-spouse acquiring a share now and/or in the future can be disturbing. If an agreement ...

On Divorce Day: is your business protected?

The first working Monday of the year is dubbed Divorce Day by family lawyers, but if you’re in business with your partner, things can get ...

How damaging divorce can be for a businesses and what owners can do to safeguard their venture!

Have you secured your ‘business pre-nup’? Read here how to protect your business should the worse happen when you are in business with your spouse...It ...

Magic hour: This mumpreneur's secret of running a successful City law firm

Karen Holden of A City Law Firm shares her viewsIt is often debated whether women can ‘have it all’ and I truly believe we can.  ...

The Human Rights Act & Surrogacy

A Single Father's Journey: The TrilogyThe Family Courts have recently had to grapple with the particularly thorny issue of a single man seeking a Parental ...

Brexit: Should we be worried?

A City Law Firm – Awarded ‘Innovative Law Firm of 2016 London’We pride ourselves on being the ‘leading entrepreneur law firm in the City of ...

My partner took out a loan..now she's told me to pay her back!

My partner took out a loan so I could buy a motorbike – now she's told me to pay her back in full or hand ...

Looking to invest in a company for your Entrepreneur Visa?

There are many people who will refer you to companies and accountants that can take in your investment, but these agents often take a referral ...

Franchises and Commercial Leases

Franchising is a popular way of quickly growing a business and sharing the successful blueprint of a good product, service or idea. If you have a strong business brand which ...

Protecting your assets: Start-up to Divorce

You work hard to start your own company and invest time and effort into making it work, only to have problems either with fellow colleagues ...

What’s in a name? Just Google it! 

Google has become so renowned and ingrained in our daily lives that it’s the first thing that pops into your head when you want to know ...

Why have a shareholders agreement?

You have a great concept or product, funding and perhaps a friend, relative or colleague that wants to join forces with you. The key to ...

Employers Settlement Agreements

We can meet you immediately & honour costs offered by your employer. Professional, proactive and experienced in negotiating settlement agreement terms.What is a Settlement Agreement formally known ...

Starting up a new business in 2016

Free 30 minute consultation and fixed - discounted fees for your first year.Start Up Business AdviceComprehensive legal advice for Business Start-ups in clear language by ...

Do I need a Pre-Nuptial or Pre-CP Agreement?

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 and Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2015 updated the law to provide equality to couples in a same sex relationship.  However, ...
Awards, Achievements & Updates

Host: Steve Reed MP, (Shadow Minister (Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) (Civil Society))

Karen Holden, MD, A City Law Firm Ltd Will be speaking at the event.
2018 Corporate Intl Global Awards - Google Search (1)

2018 Corporate Intl Global Awards

WINNER: Business Start-Up Law Firm of the Year in England

Lawyer International – Legal 100 – 2018 – Awards

WINNER of the Law Firm of the Year - Dispute Resolution - United Kingdom

Sussex Innovation - Croydon

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate the launch of our "Croydon Division" of the Firm - such a dynamic location!

GDPR Workshop! Sold Out...

Very proud of my team their GDPR workshop was sold out.

10 Downing Street

Invited into Number 10, Downing Street, our founder celebrated the firm’s award as being in the Top 100 Businesses in the UK

Solicitors Journal Awards 2017

Employment Team of the Year, Winner.

WorldWide Business Review Awards 2017

Most Outstanding Solicitors Award

Published in the Daily Mail for the second time

Karen speaks on sexual harassment

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