Cohabitation Disputes & Separation

At present, the law in England and Wales does not give strong protection to unmarried couples. In order to minimise your risk, consideration should be given to how you legally hold your joint assets.

Doing so at the beginning of the relationship or prior to purchasing a joint asset can avoid difficulties should a separation or dispute occur.

Our specialist dispute resolution team are able to advise you as to the best method of protection whilst living together and following any separation. We can discuss Declarations of Trust, Living Together Agreements, Equitable Accounting and Trusts of Land with you and help you to achieve the best and most workable solution.

Separation of unmarried couples with children can lead to applications for maintenance and in some circumstances property adjustments. We can discuss these further should this apply to you.

We understand disputes with loved ones are uncomfortable, stressful experiences and A City Law Firm prides itself on its sensitive and skilled approach. We will always aim to engage dispute resolution tactics where possible to resolve matters amicably.

So if a dispute with your partner arises or you are going through a separation, our dispute resolution and litigation lawyers will guide you through the division of your assets; child issues; property disputes; mediation if necessary, and make your separation as painless as possible.

Our Dispute Resolution solicitors offer clear advice at affordable prices. Although we specialise in litigation and disputes we also hope to avoid litigation by offering you preventative advice.

Our approach:

Our experienced team know this is a difficult time so our aim is to support you throughout . Empathy, resolution, practical and sound advice being at the forefront of our mind. Be it complex, multi-jurisdictions, business affairs , property or other matters involved in your separation we have specialists that can assist you proactively.

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