Prenuptial & Civil Partnership Agreements

In order to protect your respective financial positions, you may wish to consider entering into a Pre-nuptial or Civil Partnership Agreement prior to entering into a marriage or civil partnership.

Such an Agreement will cover the assets and items owned by the parties prior to entering into the marriage or civil partnership and any assets acquired during the relationship. The Agreement will specifically deal with how such assets and items will be distributed if your relationship sadly ends and you separate in the future.

Though not strictly binding, recent case law in the Courts, in particular the case of Radmacher, means that it is likely that more weight will be given by the Court to the Agreement and it will be highly persuasive in any subsequent financial proceedings relating to the breakdown of the relationship. There are key elements that will need to be present in the Agreement in order to maximise the persuasive ability on the Court and you should take careful advice to ensure these are present in the Agreement.

A City Law Firm has a wealth of experience in drafting such Agreements, giving you the best chance of financial protection in the event of the breakdown of your relationship or divorce.

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Our approach:

We know you want to start your journey postive with a plan for the future agreed between you . You want to ensure your children will be taken care of or perhaps family wealth preserved. Working with tax or pension providers we will advise and draft these agreements to ensure your intentions are set out concisely and that the process is handled sensitively and professionally .

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