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A City Law Firm is an experienced family law firm with specialist divorce & dissolution solicitors based in London.

Our family solicitors offer legal advice for separation, annulments, same-sex divorce or dissolution, financial proceedings and all child matters in addition to other issues following the breakdown of a relationship, including who gets custody of the children.

If your relationship has broken down and you are considering separating from your spouse or civil partner and getting a divorce, our team of divorce solicitors can offer you empathetic and sensitive divorce advice.


The Divorce Process

Separation, divorce or dissolution can be a trying and emotional process but our family solicitors endeavour to alleviate all your concerns. Our team of specialist resolution family lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that your divorce proceeds smoothly and conciliatorily. Their experience helps them appreciate the wider issues which are often present in any divorce or separation, such as any children involved, division and sale of property and the financial implications.

Common questions include: Can I get a divorce? How long will it take to get a divorce? What do I need to get a divorce? How much will it cost to get a divorce? What are the alternatives to divorce? Can I force my spouse out of the house during the divorce? Is a gay divorce different from that of a straight couple?

Financial Proceedings

If you and your spouse, civil partner or partner are unable to agree on how your marital home, and other property, should be divided following your divorce, we can enter into negotiations on your behalf endeavouring to secure a fair division of assets, whilst taking great care not to aggravate any existing tensions. If an agreement cannot be reached, our divorce solicitors have experience representing clients through the court process and/or can help you arrange for mediation.

Common questions include: Who will get to keep the house if and when we separate? Will I lose my pension if we break-up? How will the money be divided upon divorce? What if I have not contributed financially to the marriage?

Children issues

Unfortunately disagreements about the children, in particular with whom they should live and how often access should take place, are all too common during divorce proceedings or any separation. Our divorce solicitors will try to resolve issues amicably; however, if an agreement is not possible, we can make applications to the Court on your behalf prioritising your children’s best interests.

Common questions include: Who will get custody of the children? Can I take my children abroad during the divorce? Can I prevent my ex-husband from seeing the kids? What can I do if my ex-wife is being deliberately difficult about access to the children?

Our divorce lawyers also have a lot of experience in child law issues and disputes and are able to advise you on custody, maintenance, residence, access and even abduction.


For more information, please call our Family Law Team on 0207 426 0382 for a no obligation conversation about your case. We are always happy to answer preliminary queries to make sure we are the right fit for you before booking you in for an initial meeting. 

Our approach:

Our experienced team know this is a difficult time so our aim is to support you throughout. Empathy, resolution, practical and sound advice being at the forefront of our minds. Be it complex, multi-jurisdictions, children or other matters involved in your separation we have specialists that can assist you.

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