Named: Most innovative law firm, London   

Our firm's culture of supporting our clients is very important to us and we work hard to nurture and develop it. We will go on a journey with you, building mutual trust and respect as we tackle all obstacles. We don’t look at you and wonder how we can make more money out of them, we do what’s commercially sensible and take steps to advise and protect you.

We are continually looking for alternative and innovative ways of helping you. We use this imagination and lateral thinking to give you all the options: the pros, the cons and the risks associated with each.

Our novel problem solving has won awards in the industry and we will apply it to help you reach a decision that’s right for both you and/or your business growth.

We can be flexible with our fee structure and will consider different models for different clients. We are not high street and nor are we big city – we’re innovative lawyers and there really is no one else like us.

      Cases & Experience    

Our family lawyers pride themselves on their conciliatory approach. This saves costs, court battles and often preserves relations.


  • Advised and oversaw the due diligence process of investment of over £2.5 million into an App company
  • Leading negotiations and completion of a company acquisition in 2015 valued at over £3 million.
  • Through tax advisors helping on EIS structures and group company structures for broadcasting & film production companies throughout the UK.
  • Separation of financial assets worth £8m - £10m, including three family company structures with subsidiaries and international income regimes.
  • Settling various Employment Tribunal claims in 2015 involving HIV discrimination, sex discrimination, harassment, breach of contract and potential criminal activities. Achieving awards in excess of £263,000 and 3 against London financial institutes.
  • Advising and obtaining an injunction against a senior employee for fraud and theft in the High Court resulting in the full recovery of funds in excess of £250,000 and recovery of all costs.
  • Successful result in a claim and subsequent appeal for the member of a foreign royal family member.
  • We have issued claims and successfully enforced contractual payments from: Croatia, the USA, Dubai, Sweden, Norway & Hong Kong this year with UK claims, European payment orders, local lawyers, bailiffs and enforcement orders.
  • Contesting international relocation of a child from the UK to Canada on short notice with vexatious litigants in person.
  • Settling a Transgender discrimination case for a large compensation sum without the stress of court.