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Karen is the founder of A City Law Firm having been admitted to the roll in 2005. Having obtained her degree in Law, Karen went on to achieve a Masters from the University of Cambridge and her LPC from the College of Law. Her studies were conducted whilst working full-time as a senior member of management in the public sector.

She is an entrepreneur having developed a thriving corporate firm from scratch and securing its place firmly in the City,
She established the firm to provide experienced and dynamic solicitors in the City of London, who could think outside the box, whilst delivering at competitive costs.

Karen oversees our high-net worth clients, entrepreneurs and technology companies. She handles complex disputes including High Court cases. She also creates structures for businesses and individuals seeking to secure investment either through equity share, EIS or corporate bonds and debt financing, by making them legally investment ready and through regulated tax advisors commercially aware of the types of structures available. Often talks at specialist events and universities where we have a solid partnership .

Karen is highly regarded by her clients. Her longest standing client of many years say's she has a command of litigation and her robust approach has always proven successful for our company. It's her initiative and drive that means we achieve results, even my opponent after he lost to us engaged her afterwards he was that impressed.

Karen was invited and given freedom of the City in 2019 for her work in Equality as such part of the Guild of Freeman.

She won Best Business Women in Legal Services and Legal advisor of the year in 2017 whilst her firm maintains its listing in the Legal 500 year upon year. This is due to her entrepreneurial approach to law.
Her team has won Employment Team of the year from the Solicitors Journal and was a finalist for Commercial Team of the Year

Karen was given an Albert for her charitable work for the Albert Kennedy Trust for setting up and running a successful, exclusive members networking group that boosted business in the LGBT business world whilst assisting AKT's charity.

As the result of her personal innovation the firm won The Most Innovative Law Firm, London; was listed in the Legal 100 for Employment Work , awarded Business Law Firm 2017 and top 100 business. This led to her invitation to 10 Downing Street.

Karen is frequently asked to give specialist talks and give expert advice at the Law Society, University of Law , Business Funding Show and Natwest events across London. She has also appeared on various radio stations.

She publishes monthly blogs in IS4profit, Small Business and Enterprise times , which advises entrepreneurs and businesses.

Karen can be seen giving comments or articles in Home & Country magazine, the Guardian, the Daily Mail, London Loves Business, Grazia, Intercontinental Law & Finance Magazine, Innovation Enterprise, We are your City, Wealth & Finance International First Women, Just Entrepreneurs to name but a few.

Assistance with UK company launching into the USA coordinating array of USA Attorneys
High profile overseas royal family member's overseas Trust dispute
Sports sponsorship termination dispute between Argentina and the UK (£250,000)
Successful High Court freezing order/injunction & civil claim and assisting with the criminal/private prosecution of the same party for fraud, theft and deception (£263,000)
Settling a Transgender discrimination case for a large compensation sum without the stress of court
Broadcasting license deal, film production bond, royalty agreement & associated documents for a group company (current worth 11 Million)
Vice President employment dispute concluding in a confidential settlement agreement (1.3Million)
Executive Director sex discrimination & Harassment claim settled (£234,000)

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Refused a service because I am gay
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Cohab unmarried partners running a business (another angle too)
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GDPR: Changing the ways businesses interact with their customers
From 25 May 2018 the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) will be replaced by The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),
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Drones in the Property & Constructions Industry is growing
Due to their flexibility and that fact Drones are now so small yet sophisticated they could soon become as common
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Recovering your debt if the debtor is abroad
If you are a creditor you will still be able to recover your debt and the costs are not as
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Cohabitation Separation
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Nursery T&Cs what is hidden in there?
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Can Cancer strip a woman and/or mum of her identity?
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Disability Discrimination Act 1995
The Act (as amended) identifies three ways in which an employer might discriminate against a disabled employee. Firstly, by virtue
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GOOD PRACTICE GUIDE Data protection: what the big the changes mean to you
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As an employer you have the same responsibilities for ensuring the health and safety of home workers as you would
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Break clause update – Canonical UK Ltd
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There are many people who will refer you to companies and accountants that can take in your investment, but these
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Mitigating business disruption during a litigation dispute.
Being party to a litigation dispute is not always simple. It is likely to be time consuming and it is
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Empty Judgments…insolvent defendant?
Empty Judgments: What to do when faced with an insolvent defendant company. It is a claimant’s nightmare: succeed in obtaining
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How should you handle LGBT discrimination in the workplace?
While there has been a growing acceptance of the LGBT community in the UK in recent years, which helps to
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‘Legal tips’ for any new business venture
You’ve had a great idea for a business; you’ve set yourself up and may even have staff working for you;
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Recorded Conversations: Can we use them in court?
In this day and age you can buy recording devices from high street shops to a standard that even MI5
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Updated Press Release:
Karen Holden is the founder of A City Law Firm "As a firm that champions equality we are of course disappointed
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Benefit to High Net Worth Individuals
An increasing number of Individuals are taking advantage of the fiscal and lifestyle advantages attainable by establishing residency in Gibraltar, which
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My partner took out a she’s told me to pay her back!
My partner took out a loan so I could buy a motorbike – now she’s told me to pay her
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Employee shareholding schemes
New legislation has come into effect which will allow employees to become shareholders in a company in exchange for surrendering
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What is IP and why do I need to protect it?
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Do you need to apply for an injunction?
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Mediation? Is that really necessary?
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