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Are you owed money from an individual or a business and require assistance in recovering this money and any potential losses or costs that stemmed from this? Let us take out the hassle and time it takes to pursue your debtors with our competitive, transparent packages.


Our team of skilled experts can provide successful, straightforward, & efficient recovery service.


We offer various debt recovery packages to suit your needs, fees vary depending on several factors.


We have vast experience and success in recovering debts, Business, Individuals and Overseas.

Our team of skilled experts can provide successful, straightforward, and efficient debt recovery services for a fixed fee.

We have vast experience and success in recovering debts in relation to Business and individual invoices, loans, and other debts as well as Landlord against Tenant debt recovery or Leaseholder debt recovery. We have also managed a large number of overseas debt recovery cases from Europe to Dubai to the USA. We support you through every stage of the recovery process.

We have simplified the recovery process and can offer various debt recovery packages to suit your needs. Our fees vary depending on several factors such as the value of the debt, the stage of recovery, whether the debtor defends claim and the course of action you wish to take should we decide to issue legal proceedings.

As a guide, please see our debt recovery fees below (which are subject to 20% VAT if based in the UK)


Potentially disputed debt (so argument of payment terms or sums)

Pre-action letter and chaser/response

This is your first formal legal Letter before action.

This is necessary before you issue a claim and should set out the particulars of the claim.
We will follow up with an email if this is ignored and we will forward and advise you on any

Fee: £175


Should the debtor ignore our letter before action, then we can issue proceedings.
We will draft the necessary Claim form, Particulars of claim and annex any necessary documents to
file at court.
(Our fee for issuing a claim will depend on the size of the debt)
– Up to £5,000 = £500
– £5,001 – £10,000 = £1,000
– £10,001 – £100,000 = £750
– Over £20,000 = £1,750
Please note that whilst the fees listed above cover our fees, there will also be other fees to consider
such as Court fees (which may be recovered from the debtor should we win the claim, but not all of
ours will be recoverable).


Request for default Judgement – failed to defend the claim.

Fee: £100.

Enforcement options. Depending on the value of the debt:

– Settlement Letter & Tomlin Order = £350
– Instructing bailiffs (CC or HC) = £300
– Attachment of Earnings = £350
– Charging order over property = £300
– Third party debt order = £350
– Statutory demand = £350
– Bankruptcy petition following Stat Demand (Individual debtors = £350
– Winding-up petition (Business debtors) = £350


Defended debts. 

Should the debtor defend the claim, then we will need to review their defense and respond accordingly. This usually involves reviewing and submitting further evidence and documents. Disclosure, interim hearing for directions, bundle, and hearing. Our fee and that of counsel will be outside the package arrangement and subject to our standard quotations found here…xxxx

Potential extra costs:

UK Asset Search: Starts from £300

UK Process server and tracing per visit £120-250

In some circumstances, we may not be able to locate the debtor, for example if they have relocated and we may need to instruct our process server to carry out some research to gather more information on the debtor. 

Outside of Jurisdiction documents and fees: subject to country requirements all fixed fees once we understand the debt sum and location we will, provide the same. 

Mediation: Mediation is a process whereby the parties negotiate on settlement through a mutually selected independent person. The aim of Mediation is to help the parties come to an agreement they are both happy with and resolve the dispute between them. Arbitration is a similar process, however the difference is that their final decision is legally binding on the parties and cannot be challenged. Furthermore, once an arbitrator has made a final decision, you will no longer be able to take the matter to court. 

We would need to appoint an independent mediator, and we will discuss their fees with you should you choose this route as fees can vary. 

None Disputed Debts

Where the debtor has not disputed the debt, the process is slightly simpler as it does not require us to deal with a defense and enter lengthy negotiations with the debtor. 

We would still send the debtor a letter before action, and a follow-up email and consider with you any responses.

Pre-action letter and chaser/response

We will send the debtor an initial formal legal Letter before action. 

We will then follow up with an email if this is ignored and we will forward and advise you on any response. 

 FEE: £175 

Should we not receive a response from the debtor then we can consider issuing legal proceedings against them (see above for fees)

Alternatively, we can serve them with a Statutory Demand and make the debtor bankrupt or issue a winding-up petition if the debtor is a company. 

Our fees are listed above.

Please note that the fees listed above are a guide and they may vary depending on the matter, on a case-by-case basis. There may be additional fees subject to the nature and complexity of the case. We aim to be as transparent as we can be and we will ensure that you are made aware of all fees and costs involved, and that we have your instructions ahead of any work we undertake on your behalf.

“When the Grandnanny team were looking for someone to help them with their first set of Ts and Cs for their platform we spoke to a number of legal firms. When we spoke to Jacqueline she just got us straight away. She understood our business and what we wanted to do and helped us to understand what that meant in legal terms. She’s also fast and easy to work with which helps massively. Highly recommend”

Grand Nanny

“We have used A City Law Firm (ACLF) for several years now. As a small and growing business, we have had a variety of requirements which have included employment contracts as well as supplier and customer agreements. Time and time again ACLF has provided legal advice that they have explained clearly and have indicated where we can make a commercial call speeding up negotiations. They have also been able to refer us to specialist firms in other countries where our contracts are with international clients. They are a friendly, transparent and responsive modern law firm that I would recommend.”

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We have been looking after start-up & scale up businesses for over a decade. The key is giving concise, commercial advice without the legal jargon, always giving fixed fees or spreading your costs over 12 months using our popular retainer packages. We understand the need for swift advice, getting you ready for investment, weighing up all the different options and available options so having a proactive and entrepreneurial lawyer is just as important as our drafting skills

“I cannot thank A City Law Firm enough for all their help with the business so far.

They are always there to provide professional support and advice with a personal touch, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

There is no “one size fits all” approach, instead, they have acted in complete interest of the business providing a bespoke approach and documentation to match. Particular thanks to Jackie who has assisted me every step of the way; not only providing advice for the matter at hand, but also guidance on how to safeguard the business for the future.”

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