From a personal perspective I’ve never felt my gender ever held me back from doing what I wanted & achieving my goals in life. I am a Director of a female led and founded Law Firm in the City, doing a job I love as well as being a mother, wife, daughter and sister. I’ve never felt a client hasn’t wanted to instruct me because I’m a woman, or that I’ve been overlooked for a job or promotion. I went to a good university and law school. Even in what was ( and still is) a rather male dominated industry I’ve never felt disadvantaged as a result of my gender. I have come across a fair few lawyers on the other side who may underestimate me, but never I’ve felt because of my gender!

Maybe I’m naive, may be I’m lucky or may be it’s a testament to progress in society ( our fore-mother’s & progressive forefathers) and the strong women who surround me as well as the strong men in my life who enable & support me.

International Women’s Day however isn’t about just me, it’s the collective, for all the glass ceilings, inequalities and injustices felt by women not just today but throughout history. Not just in the UK but internationally. Great strides are being taken in redressing the inequalities of the past, but we are not there yet. International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to reflect and embrace this to collectively empower women now and our future generations. To challenge ourselves regardless of our gender to continue to break down those barriers and strive for true equality not just one day a year but every day. Today is a day to recognise all those important women in your own life and their silent struggles.

It’s a cold reality that women disproportionately struggle to gain investment into their businesses. Perhaps that is due to women being underrepresented in VC funds or perhaps it’s due to the way we, as women, approach a request for funding. It may be a bit of both!

Women remain underrepresented in Tech. A lot has changed in the last decade, especially with a focus on getting women into STEAM but momentum cannot be lost. We work with some phenomenal female founders innovating in areas such as space, insurtech, AI & AdTech to name but a few!

Only now, 2022 are businesses waking up to the biological changes a woman goes through during the menopause and how this may impact on their work. Generations of women have suffered in silence, many leaving work prematurely as a result. Let’s keep these discussions going, making the workplace suitable for all and embracing how we can retain our talent.

It takes a global pandemic for workplaces to properly embrace flexible working, something our mothers have fought for decades to get on the agenda and be taken seriously. Let’s hope flexibility remains and we enable our workforce to achieve a proper work life balance how they think fit.

Many employers are now embracing and supporting women experiencing fertility issues. Again a testament as to how far employers have come, but let’s hope it’s not hollow words and the proper support is actually given.

I will leave you with a message to my son on International Women’s Day 2022, please grow up respectful of women, never underestimate or judge someone on their gender, empower everyone you can and always celebrate the women in your life.