Employee’s and Employer’s should be forewarned that Facebook, Twitter and other social media cites can lead to grievances, disciplinary action and employment cases/ hearings….

People assume that because social media sites are social and they have set their own private profiles nothing can be used against them by their employer….wrong. If you discriminate against fellow staff members, harass or bully anyone using these sites or more subtly make comments about your employer or post private photos that embarrass or harass people, by circulating it to work mates, or you download photos off someone’s personal site and distribute these at work you could face disciplinary action.

Whether you act in our outside the workplace if you are causing distress , discrimination or harassing fellow staff members or breaching your employer’s trust by commenting on them or its clients or staff you can face dismissal for gross misconduct or disciplinary proceedings.

Be careful what you upload and what you say on these sites…or it could be cited in an Employment Tribunal or dismissal hearing.

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