Whilst this firm can make no comment about how this matter has concluded, it is clearly known that 6 years ago ACLF embarked on legal battle for its client Sir Craig Tunstall, former Headteacher, in a protracted dispute with Lambeth Council. 

Sir Craig was dismissed from the council-maintained by Gipsy Hill Federation in 2018 for alleged “gross misconduct”. In response, he launched a high court case against Lambeth and the federation, seeking damages. It is important to note that no allegations of fraud or dishonesty were ever levelled against him.

Karen Holden, Managing Partner at A City Law Firm expressed her satisfaction with the outcome that this long standing battle and the impact it has had on Sir Tunstall’s life and emotional state is now finally over.

Sir Craig Tunstall, comments: I had excellent legal support on this lengthy fight – at times both legal and emotional support in honesty. Facts and evidence matter, as did perseverance.

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